Q: What do I do with this product?

A:  1) Put A Fork In It!

     2) Enjoy :)

Q: How long will it keep?

A: If not immediately devoured, they will keep best in the fridge 5-7 days. Put A Fork In It Desserts! also freeze well.  

A: Many of our clients keep them in the freezer for client meetings, to have gifts on hand or simply to satisfy sudden cravings.

A: We receive rave reviews from couples who enjoy the anniversary tier of their wedding cakes after one year.  Your Put A Fork In It! desserts will keep even better as they are in a sealed, glass containers.

Q: Does it have to be refrigerated?

A: Our icing is butter based so refrigeration or freezing is suggested for storage.

Q: How far in advance should I order?

A: The more time we have, the more flexibility we have in accommodating your request. All cakes are made to order by hand, so please give us as much advance notice as possible.  This is especially important during peak holiday, wedding and graduation seasons. There may be dates when due to volume, we stop taking requests to ensure that our clients receive quality product.

Q: What are your most popular flavors?

A: For your convenience we have grouped our most popular flavors into Collections.  Our most popular are the Classic Collection, various combinations of Chocolate and Vanilla cake and buttercream icings, as well as our Chocolate Lovers Collection which includes our Chocolate cake with various buttercream combinations as well as our White Chocolate Almond cake.